We believe to care and cure people in a simple way by natural therapies. Our motive is to spread good health in everyone’s hand anytime and every time. In the world of adulteration we personally concern about social health and awareness regarding herbal blend with the surety of 100% purity.


We all know about herbs & their medicinal effects. some herbs can be used as a life-saving or life-supporting medicines. Respecting the herbal or natural beauty we took some of the most effective herbs in a very considerable quantity, put them together, blending the extracts, antidoting the bitterness to make it pleasant for your tongue and powerful for your body.


Taken from the best possible organic environmental farms. We took lemon & ginger juices to make a refreshing taste. The blend of herbal extracts taste.


Enthral is designed in such a manner that the effects in warm water as well as in cold water will be same. So that it can give you soothing effects in summers and winters accordingly.





Enthral is a herbal energy drink has the power to boost your immune system, supports healthy functioning of your brain, heart, lungs, liver, and kidney. It promotes you energy all day, relieves your overloaded brain, cures nervous breakdown, exhaustion, and insomnia. It keeps you out of reach from stress and depression. Increases quality of thinking cap by enhancing memory, intellect and learning skills. It has anti-inflammatory properties for lungs. It helps you in proper breathing and supplies oxygen in required quantity. It keeps heart muscles healthy and proper blood circulation. It supports the proper and healthy functioning of liver and kidney. It inhibits chemical depositions and helps in reducing drug addiction habit. Enthral- herbal energy drink not only supports but also improves the healthy functioning of all the body systems viz. Circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system and reproductive system. This herbal drink regain your lost energy, provide internal strength, rejuvenates muscles, promotes stamina and gives you feeling of calmness.


Not to be used by pregnant ladies as it contains properties which can be proved as harmful to conceived patients.

Can be taken above 5 years child.



“I bought this enthral 2 months back. And I would like to recommend it to everyone who feels lack of energy at the end of the day. Really worked well for me. I appreciate its results. ”

Abhishek jain, Jaipur Airport
“After i suffered from a prolonged chronic diseases Enthral helped me in reviving my body, memory and skin. ”

Akanksha, Student
“I was suffering from severe exhaustive bodyache especially leg pain. I started taking enthral and the results were remarkable for me within a week. The body pains were completely irradicated.”

Vinita jain, Lecturer
“I tasted a lot of herbal drinks which are bitter and annoying in taste but i found enthral is very much different and quite smooth in taste. It is sugar-free in nature and also contains a noticeable sweetness. I recommend enthral for everyone who is scared of taking any herbal drink to maintain their health.”

Aashish Shringi
“Not only it will give you the energy but also after prolonged use it will help to increase your focus and concentration in any work.”

Dinesh sutrakaar, Student
“As an athlete after 2 hours of workout i feel intense all gone sensation in my body. My extremities feel give up sensation. Enthral, I would like to call it ‘amazing enthral’ gives me an instant flow of energy in my body and within few minutes I am fully charged again to perform my workout.”

Sunny Udaiysantan, HR head
“Earlier i use to get tired in a very short time. I use to feel lack of stamina in my body and getting less focus and interest in my work. But thanks to enthral it gives a new life to me. It brings out enthusiasm, energy, and stamina. It keeps my mind stable, focused and positive thinking.”

Yogesh jain, Lecturer
“I was suffering from sexual debility. My married life was really suffering. Enthral gave me a new hope to regain my performance.”

“Healthy Body Happy Soul”

Our soul is connected with our mind and body. If our mind is suffering from negative thoughts, confusions, conflicts, lack of self-confidence, stability etc., our soul suffers. If our body is suffering from lack of stamina, fatigue, any chronic disorder, any recurrent diseases etc., again our soul suffers.
Mind is more closely linked with soul than the body, as the actions and the reactions are dynamic or intangible in nature.
Enthral the herbal energy drink covers both the aspects of mind and soul by secreting some happiness hormones, balancing the hormonal system, memory enhancer, inducing sleeps for insomniacs, filling the energy for the lethargic’s, detoxifies brain ; thus controls the mood swings and brings out the positivity in you.
It will cure the generalised weakness, instantly fills you with energy, take care of the vital systems of our body, induces the anti-aging effects, detoxifies body and thus helps in gaining the vigour and vitality of the body.
By keeping mind and body healthy we can keep our soul happy.