Dr Anulok Jain

Have more than half a decade of experience in treating patients world wide, Dr. Anulok Jain is a person who has redefined the research and treatment in the field of naturopathy and homeopathy.
His research work has been published in national journals and presented papers in International seminars. Some well known works are –

1.Effect of selenium on non alcoholic fatty liver disease.
2. Homeopathy and liver cirrhosis.
3. Frozen shoulder and its homeopathic treatment.
4. Psychiatric disorder during puerperium and role of homoeopathy, and etc.

Currently running a clinic in the heart of Pink City, i.e. Jaipur, Dr. Jain has changed the life of many patients in a positive manner. He has given them a hope that the power of natural and herbal medicines can do wonders beyond imagination. His recent development in the world of healthcare is Enthral Drink, which blends all the natural products like Ashwagandha, Gokhru, Brahmi and many other herbs to create a drink that allows people to have a healthy and active life.



Dr. Apoorva Jain

A junior researcher and natural (pers. Naturopath) healthcare scientist, Dr. Apoorva Jain has the experience of working under the supervision of Dr. Anulok Jain to create Enthral drink. She is certified in "Genetic Engineering " and also worked on project " Detection of Cancer Cell through Gene Profiling".

Moreover, she completed her internship as a Microbiologist in Quality Control Dept. at Amol Pharmaceuticals.
A qualified microbiologist and Diet Expert, Dr. Apoorva is thrives to brings improvement in the healthcare world.