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On the daily basis of our life, we usually forget to take care of our body. While rushing towards our work we generally avoid those spins of our head. Ignorance of stomach-ache, liver ache, hormonal imbalance and of course nervous breakdown. To overcome such weakness, a person chooses to have s0me drinks which contain harmful substances like caffeine, tannin, nicotine etc. Or chemicalized energy drinks which slowly cause more damage leads to severe problems and afterward converts into chronic incurable diseases. By understanding all these problems a herbal drink has been launched which promote energy boost vital systems and curtail all such daily basis problems.



A herbal energy drink without any artificial essence contains pure herbal extracts of Ashwagandha., brahmi shatavari gokhru shankpushpi jatamansi. This composition is prepared as each of its ingredient works on all 5 vital organs of our body i.e., brain lungs kidney liver and heart.

This article shows the role of Enthral on our Nervous system.

Ashwagandha shankpushpi jatamansi amd brahmi works on brain. Controls nervous breakdown.

Enhances memory intellect, learning abilities, opens and clarify mind. It increases concentration power, promotes daytime energy and night time sleep cures drug abused nervous system (abused with drug addictive substances i.e., nicotine, caffeine, Opium, alcohol).

It acts as a great stress reliever, controls anxiety disorder and controls vomiting. It has anti toxin and anti depressant properties hence induces calmness, peace and promotes good sleep.



  • Specially prepared for workout people, gym bunnies, wrestlers, athletes etc.
  • Rich in herbal proteins
  • Builds muscle mass, increases endurance and muscular power
  • Happiness hormone: serotonin, dopamine booster
  • Detoxify brain and body. A strong blood purifier
  • Release stress improves intellectual power
  • Regulates male and female hormonal system
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Supports function of vital organs like Heart, Liver, Kidney and cares skin and hair
  • A great tonic for mind and body.